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PEXX if the first Crypto-to-Fiat off ramp that lets you send USDT directly into any bank accounts in minutes, and in over 16 local currencies.

We are on a mission to empower your financial freedom through the power of crypto as a global money transfer tool. We do this by streamlining secure crypto-to-fiat transfers, and making global transactions instant and effortless.

Streamlined transfers

PEXX enables users and businesses to off-ramp directly and without intermediaries.

Low transaction cost

PEXX reduces costs by bypassing banking systems, and leveraging blockchain technology.

Instant processing

PEXX provides instant transactions, allowing you to quickly convert your crypto into local currencies.

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Hello there. Pexx Here.

The PEXX team, a blend of creative minds, innovative technologists, expert marketers, and fintech professionals, is dedicated to revolutionising blockchain technology globally.

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